No man is an island.

Hash Varsani
Designer/Digitalist/Web Entrepreneur

Hash is a digitalist with over 25 years’ experience in the photographic, design and tech industry.

One of his greatest assets is his passion for everything visual, and the meticulous attention to detail he brings to all client projects. He has worked on a wide variety of briefs ranging from brand development through to full media management, across every channel that can be used for attention. His extensive and expansive knowledge for almost everything, adds value to most businesses that he connects with.

Currently working on projects in Europe, Canada and Australia, Hash continues to lead Atelier Helsinki into new frontiers – expanding the business network further with challenging, creative and ethical work. He also holds the position of Digital Evangelist at Creacomp Oy, a leading software solutions company in Finland.

An autodidact by nature, outspoken to the core, typographically geeky, jazz loving creative business thinker. Just what you need if you want to add revenue to your bottom line.

Creative Thinkers & Doers

From time to time and when projects require it, the Atelier brings in other creative individuals that facilitate the needs of the client.

Additional photographers, programmers, web designers, UX consultants, data analysts and algorithm developers are on call, to add to the mix of creative management and design thinking needed, for any scale of project.

As part of our recent expansion, Matt Roblin has joined Atelier Helsinki.