Demo Finland

Valuable work and collaboration between Finland and new democracies around the world.


Demo Finland is a unique NGO in Finland supporting and facilitating projects between Finnish political parties, and political movements in developing democracies.

Atelier Helsinki were tasked with carrying out a subtle rebrand and developing a brand new site for them. Moving over to a new CMS isn’t easy, especially when there are massive amounts of archived news items, that need to be made available to new users. With a managed transition however, we kept and added new workflows, created new graphics to develop and refine the brand and provided a website the whole organisation can now work with. We even made it trilingual to make sure the official languages were catered for.

The site continues to develop, as does the work Demo Finland do with new projects being added consistently. Our work with Demo Finland continues with various on-going tasks, as well as custom hosting through our sister business Atelier Hosting.

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